The Souls of Melon Bay

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Behind the stunning art that composes these collections, hides a myriad of unlockable pieces of content that will help you uncover the story behind the mystery.

There's many ways to be a part of this experience. We encourage you to join the Discord server and be a part of the community!



Whether you are a collector or not, you can help Dana in unveiling the story on Discord. Your discoveries could be rewarded with unique NFTs on the blockchain as you solve quests.

Get in touch with those who own NFTs and possess unique information. Share your theories with the community and be an active player!



Acquiring a TSOMB NFT collectible means not only getting an amazing piece of art, but some assets contain unlockable information about the story that will give you a headstart to unveiling the mystery, and others will give you access to exclusive collector only content and experiences.

Information is gold. Own an NFT!


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You can always follow the new discoveries on Discord and Twitter, and keep up to date with Dana's research by accessing the vast information available online.

Follow us as the adventure unfolds in real-time!

Let your curiosity guide you and embrace the unknown!

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